And I Know Who Holds My Hand

There are times in life when you are just “being” and then a moment appears before your eyes that you want to capture.  This particular moment occurred during our second son’s wedding, four and a half years ago.  An outdoor wedding in August and triple digit temps were not allowed to dilute the joy of this priceless day.  And as the bride joined hands with her groom at the front of the amphitheater, so did the bride’s grandparents join hands, sitting in front of us.


Yesterday, when we learned of the loss of our daughter-in-law’s grandfather, I thought of this photo and searched to find it.  I looked at these hands and wondered about the first time they held each other.  The first time they held their children, their grandchildren and their great-grand children. I thought of how his hands gave and shared and sacrificed for his family.  And I thought of his sweet wife, as she has sat by his side through his illness, always holding his hand.

You’ve touched so many lives, Farris.  We are all better people for having known you.  May you rest in peace♥

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42 Responses to And I Know Who Holds My Hand

  1. It’s good that they had love in their lives.

  2. Jeannette from CA coast says:

    A beautiful tribute. You can’t put a price on the love in those hands. So sorry for the loss to your family.

  3. bulldog says:

    What a wonderful tribute to a Grand father… the photo just shows the love… I liked this post, not because of the life lost, but for the depiction of eternal love, Rest in Peace.. you obviously left your influence on so many people… and that is something not one of them shall forget…

  4. Lovely, Paula. Simply lovely, and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.

  5. Sorry to hear of his passing but to have lived long and loved all the longer in that way his rewards are great, the jewels in his crown are many!

  6. I love this Paula; the story, the image, everything! Thanks for sharing.

  7. sharechair says:

    Beautiful post ….beautiful picture. How ‘aware’ you were at the wedding to capture it! Did you share this photo with the couple? I’m sure she would appreciate it, especially now.

  8. Very sorry for your loss, that was a moving and beautiful post.

  9. jmgoyder says:

    Beautiful tribute.

  10. How wonderful to have that precious photo! And, of course, it comes with special memories. I am so sorry for the loss to the family. It’s really hard to let go of some of these very dear loved ones. oxo

  11. I love this image and am reminded that the love and security in families has its roots in past generations.

    • Sorry for the loss of this sweet grandfather. I also treasure a black and white picture of my mom’s 95 year old wrinkled, brown spotted hands. Paula, this would be a wonderful subject for a photo book for you. From tiny, fat baby hands to worn old hands that have endured years of caring for others. Think about this as you use your camera so creatively.

      • While we did not know Angie’s grandfather long….we witnessed his kindness and gentle nature. He was a dear man that will be missed.

        I have actually been giving your suggestion serious thought, Delores. Thank you ♥

  12. What a lovely tribute, Paula.

  13. This is beautiful heartfelt post.

  14. Bonnie says:

    Beautiful, as I write through tears. Just simply beautiful. As it should be… thank you for telling their story. xo

  15. ly says:

    …and I know who holds my hand.

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  17. sandraconner says:

    I couldn’t resist reading this one as well. What a lovely tribute to this dear couple. And what a great job of capturing the picture so perfectly!

  18. Julie B says:

    Hugs to A and fam…may she and C continue holding hands for as many years as grandma and grandpa…

  19. Dear Paula,
    I am sorry for your loss. So sad, so hard, but you have made a beautiful tribute to him, and to them.

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