Life is Short ~

may clouds 3

My goal was to stay home this week and tackle some projects, inside and outside. I find I am easily sidetracked, though. Just walking to the mailbox or calling the dogs back in…. I can’t help myself.  The camera ends up in my hands. Oh well. That list is partially completed.  The rest can wait. 😉

Life is short.  Peace is Sweet.  Thanks for the reminder, Eldon. ♥
may birds clouds 001

may clouds1

may clouds

Have a great weekend, friends. Be nice to people. Even on icky days. ♥

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24 Responses to Life is Short ~

  1. Love the cloud shot, yes be nice out there 🙂

  2. bulldog says:

    The dog photo is so damn wonderful.. if I could take photos like that I’d turn pro… wonderful shots all of them…

  3. Great photos. Everything, including the clouds, are poised for action.

  4. Love them all, Paula (but the dog is extra beautiful). You have a wonderful weekend, too!

  5. russtowne says:

    I enjoyed all the photos, Paula. Thank you for sharing them, and the request to be nice to people even on icky days. Icky days are often the ones where kindness is the most needed.


  6. I’m the same… I take at least 10 pictures a day of different things I happen to see. Have a great weekend, Paula and take plenty of pictures 🙂

  7. renae says:

    Great pictures! I love those Oklahoma clouds……beautiful!

  8. viveka says:

    So true … life is here today and maybe gone to morrow, Lovely gallery .. the wee dog is up to something. *smile

  9. artsifrtsy says:

    I love that robin on the fence. Life is short – we need time to play and explore. Stay safe with the weather heading our way!

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