Moore, Oklahoma ~ Tornado

tornado 012We are just back from my folks home in the tornado devastated, Moore, Oklahoma.  We took the usual route to their house early Saturday morning.  Most everything was the same.  That is, until we turned the corner onto my parent’s road.  Our hearts dropped. No matter how many times you see the results of a tornado, you are never ready for it.  It is always eerie, mind-blowing and heart-breaking.  The destruction path was as bad and even worse than expected.  It was a slow approach to their house, being careful to stay out-of-the-way of the trucks collecting debris, bulldozers, and hundreds of volunteers.  We were relieved to find S.E. 8th street with minor damages.  While many houses needed new roofs, the hundreds of houses across the median had NO roofs to replace.

neighbor's home

neighbor’s home

There is much I could tell you about this experience, but I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  With the six other awesome volunteers that joined us, we were able to knock out some major clean up and repairs on TWO homes.  Very grateful home owners and willing volunteers made the work a pleasure instead of just a chore.  Oklahoma is strong.  Moore will rebuild.  But not without the love and helping hands of so many generous and giving people.  Our sincere thanks to all ♥ May those lost to this storm forever Rest In Peace ♥

More Volunteers~ Operation Blessing

More Volunteers~ Operation Blessing

tornado pic2 tornado pic tornado pic4

tornado 107 tornado 015

p.s. A little disclaimer ~ my photos taken of the damaged area in Moore, Oklahoma were taken either from my parent’s yard or from our vehicle in route to their house. We stayed on “our designated corner” and I would discourage folks from going into disaster areas unless they are called upon to help. Okay….I feel better now. 😉  Speak up for yourself whenever necessary, but be nice to people ♥

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58 Responses to Moore, Oklahoma ~ Tornado

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    Wow – it’s amazing that more people were not hurt. It’s good to see the cleanup starting. I love how quickly the flags went up…

  2. Good that the community came together to help each other out.

  3. It looks hopeless until people like you go and make a difference. What a testament to humanity – God bless all the volunteers.

  4. sharechair says:

    Hard to believe that many more people weren’t killed in this disaster. The destruction is mind boggling. So glad your family is ok. Can they stay in their home? Do they have electricity and water?

  5. Ann Lee says:

    May you and yours receive a double blessing for cleaning up our yard for us. You all worked hard all day. You’ll never know how much we appreciated it. Thank you so much for your help and for the army of volunteers that worked so hard in this community to help restore it.

  6. Thank you for sharing. After the 1999 tornado and the one two years ago, I can’t bring myself to see any of the areas. I will have to take my blinders off sooner or later, but in the meantime, I will continue to pray.

  7. I don’t even know what to say, I’m so sorry. xx

  8. I know it’s a different kind of “normal” there right now, but I know the clean up will be a good, cathartic step toward rebuilding. I am grateful to have never seen a tornado like this and I feel terrible for those involved. It’s a helpless feeling.

    • Normal now…is being able to get out of your driveway and to your store that somehow….is still standing. Normal is checking your tires when you get back home from a 20 minute trip that now takes 1.5 hours because of traffic and clean-up, and you check your tires to see how many nails you may have picked up. Normal is asking every person you encounter if they still have their house. Speaking a little softer, being a bit more understanding. A new normal….a welcome one though, I think….just to still be kicking it. ♥ Plz stay safe, friend ~

  9. Oh my. Hard to imagine such devastation. Hugs to you and your family

  10. bulldog says:

    I am at a loss for words to say… what an absolute heartbreaking feeling it must have for all those affected….

  11. Oh, Paula, those pictures are heartbreaking. I’m so glad your parents were protected – and then able to stay in their home. Bless you and Marvin for going to help. Do your parents have an underground shelter? Do you?

    • It is unbelievable to look in every direction and see either blue tarps on roofs or simply no roofs at all….and to count yourself the lucky ones if you are a blue tarp. We couldn’t wait to get there to help and to check on my folks. Our kids were able to go as well along with several of their friends and we were able to get a good dent put in the clean up. We do not have a shelter and there is no community shelter where we live. We are actually “talking” about putting one in now …but first we are going to get one in the ground for my parents! This is the 3rd time their city has been hit. They are definitely in the wrong path. ♥

  12. Patty B says:

    So sad – and yes heartbreaking. My prayers go to everyone who must deal with these monster tornadoes. It takes a very strong pioneer spirit to overcome those obstacles and rebuild. I too thank God that you and your family are fine.

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  14. That first picture is so stirring…devastation, hope, endurance. So many things in that one image.

  15. Boomdeeadda says:

    My gosh, it’s still stunning to see. So sorry for your folks and their neighbours. Good luck to them all.

  16. Seasonsgirl says:

    I didn’t know your parents lived in that part of the country. I am so gad they are okay. I have been praying for the state and people who were hit. I will add your parents. Thank you for sharing the photos… with the flags I would call them photos of hope 🙂

  17. How devastatingly awful to see these photos. It was great that you were able to go and help your parents. And it must have felt better for you being with them rather than getting updates from afar. Best wishes

  18. zannyro says:

    How terribly, terribly awful… glad your folks are o.k.,,,did they come through last nights weather o.k.?

  19. These pictures are just incredible. I cannot imagine what you thought when you got closer and closer to your parents’ home. Your heart must have been in your throat! And here there have been more tornados since you wrote this post. It’s painful to hear about it, so I can only imagine what you’re experiencing. oxox

  20. You’re good people, Paula… my heart and my hopes go out to everyone in Moore…

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  26. I am so glad to see an update, Paula. The people of Moore and the surrounding areas are just amazing to me. The resilience and ability to go on is just so powerful. I continue to wish you all well. I hope you share progress from time to time. I love seeing it! 🙂

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