How I Cured My Anxiety

This was too good not to share! For anyone dealing with anxiety issues or if you know someone who is…..check this out. ♥


UPDATE: As of July 2013, this article is the #1 search result on Google for “how to cure anxiety.” In this post, you will learn about the key breakthrough I had that freed me from my mental prison. More than anything else, this change in how I viewed the world gave me my life back. It’s helped tens of thousands of readers, and I hope it can help you as well.

If you’re interested in reading my short memoir, which includes my weekly schedule and every technique that helped cure my anxiety, click here.

Now… on with the post!

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For a long time, I thought I was going crazy. I’d convinced myself that something horribly wrong was about to happen. I thought I would be stabbed, shot, or arrested every time I left my apartment. I was sure that there was an impending disaster that would melt the…

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8 Responses to How I Cured My Anxiety

  1. ly says:

    Have had problems with anxiety taking over. He describes it well and his antidote seems very helpful. When Vitamin D became a news headline a couple of years ago, my doctor tested my level and it was extremely low. I now take a supplement daily and I really think taking Vitamin D has diminished my anxiety problems.
    Thanks for re-blogging this article!

    • I think everyone deals with anxiety….just at different levels. (some possibly denying that it is indeed anxiety!) Thanks for sharing about your Vitamin D experience…. 😉 Amazing stuff ~

  2. zannyro says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! What an awesome article…I’m saving this for anyone who needs it……It’s funny…I’ve had guilt about what I do, because it feels like I’m enjoying my life too much! LOL! I have noticed that when I’m writing my book, ideas, dialogue, etc..everything comes easier and flows if I decide to just let go and make it fun. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!

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