What I Learned While Ironing

aunts mom's roseDon’t tell my daughter-in-law, but I watched Dr. Oz yesterday while I was catching up on some ironing.  Yes.  I still iron. No, my DIL isn’t “anti” Oz, she just gets weary of hearing about him from her patients and me. 😉 A few things I learned:

1. Eat an apple a day. My sister has done this forever. I really don’t like raw apples. But on the program they spoke of how good they are for your skin, plus the fiber, AND they are one of the lower in sugar fruits, so I will try harder to do this. Had one for breakfast!

2. Start each day drinking water with lemon.  A good body cleanser and kick-start for your day. I have been doing this for a while now….so yay on getting something right!

3.  Dr. Oz said if he could only choose one thing, health wise….it would be yoga. (To relax, get rid of stress, exercise, relieve headaches, back pain, etc). Recently my physical therapist had mentioned that yoga is “the best” exercise for your entire body. So I am ignoring the ugly attempt I made towards this a couple of years ago….and I am trying again.   Dr. Oz made it so easy to start.  He shared a thirty minute session on-line for us to try!  He encourages you to use your favorite tunes while doing this. Make it fun.  Make it work for you.  It worked yesterday.  We’ll see how it goes today.  Yoga with Steve Ross Session.

Hope your week is awesome ♥  Remember to breathe ~

p.s.  If you have a yoga experience, please share it!

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31 Responses to What I Learned While Ironing

  1. thanks, I never watch daytime tv – don’t need another habit! I do drink water, but quit putting the lemon in it – should get it back out. I like apples okay, but don’t eat enough of them. They tend to spoil too fast around here. I do eat natural applesauce, does that count?
    I’ve wanted to try yoga, but with my RA and degenerative disk disease, afraid to try it on my own. Maybe when I get back to the Y.

    • We each have to do what works for us, Darla….and I am ready to try something new. 😉 No worries…..(p.s. I dvr every dr. oz show. I watch what I want when I want and delete the ones that do not appeal. My cholesterol is great now because of a tip from one of his shows. First time ever!)

      • That’s a good idea. Clint DVRs so much stuff, I feel like all we do is watch what we’ve taped. 😦 But I get the benefit of knowledge from cool people like you who share with the rest of us!
        I do need to get my lemon oil out again. My myofacial release therapist told me that three drops of Thyme oil and two drops of oregano act just like a 500mg antibiotic. I will be trying that for my constant infections, just as soon as I sign up with Young’s Living so I can get the oils at a discount.

      • I love that we learn from each other! You should look into colloidal silver. My folks sell it at farmers market and people buy it for the very same reason. Just fyi. Have a great weekend. Headed to the Amish House!

      • will have to check into that, I’m learning about essential oils right now. Seems to be helping my hands!

  2. I’ve been doing yoga for nearly 30 years off and on– try now for about 2 classes a week. I think it’s the best anti- aging advice ever. Love apples and will try the lemon/water mix. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The force is with you! Oh…you said Yoga…not…Yoda…

  4. Bonnie says:

    Yay, you are a yogi now! I have been out of my routine lately, but really love it and the benefits are real! Now, off to downward dog and sun salutations for you! xo

  5. I have to say, he annoys me too. But beyond that, when I was practicing yoga regulary, I felt and looked the best ever. Remember this about yoga……..only go as far as YOU can. it’s not a competition. Namaste.

  6. Speaking of ironing…when you get to this post (http://tuesdayswithlaurie.com/2013/01/08/vastly-different-from-being-freshly-pressed/) there’s a link that takes you to a HYSTERICAL 1-minute clip about ironing boards that’s done by CLEAN standup comedian, Brian Regan – enjoy!

  7. Have you tried putting something with the apple that you like better? I love cheese and apple and peanut butter and apple. I have thought about trying yoga but it seems like people that do it really get into it and I’m not sure my mind and body are on the same page.

    • I put SALT on my apples. Healthy, right? 🙂 Good suggestions. I just look at eating them like taking my vitamins. Just do it. When I tried yoga before it was a dvd and very formal….which I am not. So this Steve Ross person jokes a lot, says use your on music….more my speed. I am actually enjoying it and am surprised that the balance is working….somewhat. 😉 I totally get what you are saying!!! paula ♥

  8. I love Yoga. Practicing it for 13 years, 3 untill 4 times times a week, and my inner- and outside changed completely. I feel very peaceful, but it’s a lifetime practice, so I’m not so in peace always…well, I’m human too I guess 😉 Anyway, I can’t imagine my life without yoga anymore, and the appel I take daily. When I catch a cold I drink pure lemon on an empty stomach or with hot water, but I do like the tips of Dr. Oz 🙂

    • Well sounds like you have it all working for you….awesome. I hope to be able to concentrate more once I learn these basics. I enjoy exercise….so I am hopeful to incorporate this with my other. I am a “tea” drinker….but I force myself to begin the day with lemon water….no tea until afternoon. 😉 Good “cold” tip!

  9. Great tips here…except for the ironing… 🙂

  10. bulldog says:

    I’m a great believer in the lemon water in the morning,,, a good way to aid balancing body pH.. and a well balanced pH and you will be healthy… remember cancer cannot exist in an alkaline state…

  11. giselzitrone says:

    So ein schönes Bild tolle Rose wünsche einen wunderschönen Tag.Grüße lieb Gislinde

    • Thank you so much. The rose is from my mom and dad’s backyard in Moore, Oklahoma. Taken before the tornadoes there. Thanks for your visit. Hope your week is a blessed one! ♥ paula

  12. I eat a lot of apples and practice yoga regularly–need to get into gear on the lemon! So interesting. I can honestly say that yoga has transformed my aging body. LOL! Not in measurements and pounds–in flexibility, strength and overall well-being. If I back off from my routine, it only takes a couple of days and “old” aches and nags come back. I go to practice and they disappear. I can’t precisely explain why, but it’s true, and I wish everyone would take it seriously. I think many people would be able to kick their “Advil habits.” I hope it works for you!!

    • This is so encouraging to hear!! Is your routine several days a week? Daily? I hope to find a balance between this and my other workout, but know I cannot do both daily. Thanks for sharing! And cheers with that lemon water! 😉 paula

  13. I didn’t know that about the lemon – interesting… re the yoga… I have someone who’s been trying to talk me into it… maybe she has a point!! 🙂

  14. heila2013 says:

    Hi there,
    Regarding the apples I know that they are a great body detox. Several years ago my son had an alcohol intoxication after having downed at least half a bottle of vodka. He lost consciousness and panicky me nearly did as well… I took him to the emergency ward where we spent the whole night. The attending doctor told me to give him an apple as soon as he’d be able to eat, that would purge his body.
    See you.

    • Wow…..what a frightening experience for you and for you son! But I do appreciate your sharing the info….I haven’t eaten my apple today….weekends throw me off! Must go do that…. 😉

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