Lila Jane

grandma warren and cousin
Edna & Lila, cousins ~ wading through the flooded cornfields in Boswell, Oklahoma

Today I am thinking of Lila Jane. My “grandma”. (on the right) She was born on July 3, 1909. I think this may be the only childhood photo I have of her. Though the pic is old and faded, see her smile? It certainly never faded. You never left her house hungry OR empty-handed. She loved you and anyone that happened to be with you. She and Grandpa Bug raised eight pretty remarkable kids, too. They lived through some tough times. But much like the picture above, no matter how deep or murky life got, she just stepped a little higher, smiled, and moved forward. What great life lessons she has left with us.

I picture her today on a big old front porch in heaven.  But she’s not sitting around rocking.  She never did.  She is running around making sure everyone has a glass of sweet iced tea and a bowl full of ice cream. Happy Birthday, my sweet Grandma! I miss you everyday. Till we meet again~ ♥

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44 Responses to Lila Jane

  1. Your grandma was very pretty. Nice to hear that she had the personality to go with her good looks.

  2. artsifrtsy says:

    I love old pics like this – what an odd looking situation though, and a terrific smile!

  3. What a pretty girl she was and what a smile 😀

  4. That was just beautiful and reminded me of my grandma who I have wonderful memories of as well :).

  5. She’s beautiful – I love that picture! It’s hard enough to imagine our parents young but harder still to imagine our grandparents young, isn’t it?

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful grandmother 🙂

  7. bulldog says:

    Oh Grandmas are such special people… and yours certainly fits the bill… you know what I miss the most of my Grands.? That lovely Grandma smell, that when as a child they cuddle me, that Granny aroma just gave me so much comfort… oh I miss my Grans who left me sooooo many years ago….

  8. A special story to share to me on this day, which was my daughter’s birthday.
    Your grandmother’s smile shines through. You have inherited that I think 🙂

  9. russtowne says:

    Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful woman.

  10. What an amazing photo! I love it. I miss both of my grandmothers, too. I enjoy picturing them in heaven…it’s a great comfort and always makes me smile. ox

  11. ly says:

    What a beautiful remembrance. I’ll bet you have that smile!

  12. Love the picture. I was guessing about 1913 until I read your blog. Love it.

  13. A wonderful tribute to a special woman. And the photo is amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. zannyro says:

    What a wonderful photo! Something I’m sure you cherish!

  15. What a wonderful photo! Your grandma and her cousin exude happiness here. And I must say, I love their dresses and bob haircuts! My grandmother was a happy woman who was always laughing. I hope I will one day be remembered as a fun, loving (and fun-loving), Grandma. I really enjoyed your tribute, Paula!

  16. findingmyinnercourage says:

    I love old photographs such as this. Beautiful tribute to your Grandmother! Missing mine tremendously after passing away recently at the age of 100 and 8 months!

  17. My Nan was much the same… when me and my brother used to go visit, she always stuffed us full of food and gave us change to spend on sweets at the shop. And even though my brother and I bickered and argued and fought, whenever my parents came to collect us, she would always say we were “good as gold.”

    Mum, of course, knew differently LOL

    • Haha!!! I was a much better visitor when it was just me!!! BUT….it was just more fun getting into trouble with my sisters and cousins! Still is, in fact. “Sweet” memories, huh?

  18. says:

    No doubt, Grandma Lila is in charge of makin’ sure someone is hand cranking those ice cream churns.

  19. This picture is priceless!

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