the choice

Perfect for seeing out the old year and bringing in the new. Thank you to my friend Viveka for sharing! ♥


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“What Will Matter”  by Michael Josephson

“Ready or not, someday it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days. All things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will pass to someone else.

Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance. Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will finally disappear.

So too your hopes, ambitions, plans, and to-do lists will expire.

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The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away. It won’t matter where you came from, or on what side of the tracks you lived, at the end. It won’t matter whether you where beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender and skin colour will be irrelevant.

So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured?

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What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built;
Not what you got, but…

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12 Responses to the choice

  1. good reblog – thank you!

  2. viveka says:

    What a honor to be reblogged . *smile

  3. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    So very true! Thanks for the repost:) And once again….Happy New Year Paula!!

  4. bulldog says:

    Read this on Viveka’s site… a good reblog…

  5. This is the perfect blog for the start of the New Year.

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    A wonderful reblog indeed. Cheers 🙂

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