A Fiery Drive on Route 66

fire west of vinita 1
Hubby and I took a little drive yesterday on Route 66.  Just before arriving at our favorite lunch destination in the area, this is what we saw.

fire west of vinita 006 tree

Northeast Oklahoma, like many areas, has been under drought conditions for too long.  The high winds and low humidity added even more complications to this mix.

fire west of vinita 2

Around 800 acres ended up burning in this fire.  Fire departments, many volunteers, and the Oklahoma Forestry Department, joined together to fight this monstrosity until it was under control. They simply acted….with no hesitation.

fire west of vinita 4

May God continue to bless and protect them~ ♥

Be nice to people.  You never know what they may be dealing with in their lives ~

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34 Responses to A Fiery Drive on Route 66

  1. Those are some crazy pictures. I hope we get some rain soon.

  2. I’ll take snow over a fraidy hole any day, although I’m weary of this weather. Drought is such a scary thing, once it’s there, it’s so hard to get as much rain as you need.

  3. These fires are indeed scary. I’ve heard they are popping up all over Ar as well. It never ceases to amaze me when the lobbyist and politicians claim there’s no such thing as global warming

  4. wow 800 acres is a lot!

  5. mikeakin1 says:

    We are in the same situation; real dry and windy

  6. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    It’s bad here in California too! This is the worst drought I can recall for many years. We’re all on the lookout for flare ups these days and conserving water. It is indeed a scary situation.

  7. My, oh my…while fascinating to look at, these pictures painted what you said well. Those poor firefighters must’ve been worked to the bone after dealing with this.

    It’s been pretty freezing where I am on the east coast & we’ve gotten a lot of snow. Wish we could pass some water your way. 😦

  8. LFFL says:

    That looks scary.

  9. Andy Oldham says:

    Thank you for following my blog ! I really appreciate it !

  10. viveka says:

    How sad …. amazed that the ground is so dry this time of year, I hope nobody and no animals was killed or injured.

  11. I just recently shared about a California forest fire that I watched from my office windows! it started in the local foothills and just took off like crazy–drought conditions here, too. I do agree with you about the amazing skill of the firefighters. Only a hand-full of homes were lost–which if it were my home this wouldn’t be a small number–but given the location, it could have been a devastating number. To be this dry is nuts!

  12. Wow! Those are amazing photos, Paula! Glad you made it home safely.

  13. Just saw this post. What scary pics. I hope that you’ve had the much needed rain pr even snow by now.

  14. Wow, crazy (and scary). Some areas are burried in snow and others are burning…
    May people and nature be safe and the elements be balanced, soon. Take care!

  15. viveka says:

    *smile .. been here before – finale catch up with you.

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