From This Day Forward….Sixty Years Later

sixty yrsAugust 8th, 1954, my parents were married in the parsonage of a little Nazarene Church in Marlow, Oklahoma.  There is much I could share with you about them and the positive influence that they have had on the lives of our family and most anyone who’s ever known them….but I think the words below pretty much sum it up~

I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you invited me inside. When I needed clothes, you clothed me…

Whatever you did for one in need, you did for ME. (a paraphrase of a portion of Matthew 25)
sixty dadsixty mom

 Happy Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Thank you both for all you do for others.  Still.  Much love and enjoy your celebration!

(Want to know more?  Read “Love Story“, by my mom.)



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35 Responses to From This Day Forward….Sixty Years Later

  1. I, too, have parents married 63 years. Isn’t it a tremendous blessing? This is a lovely tribute to two beautiful people, Paula. I hope they are in good health and continuing to do well–and no more tornados in their town. ox

  2. Rhonda says:

    So beautiful, in every way. Congratulations

  3. Congratulations to your sweet parents. We just celebrated our 64th anniversary. I’d say we all are a rare breed these days.

  4. I hope they have a wonderful anniversary!

    • They have had a fun anniversary all week long! Full of surprised…pretty cool. Thanks for your sweet wishes! ♥ Did your rain ever stop? 🙂

      • Oh yeah, turned totally off, almost. Half an inch yesterday, but just a few minutes after it quit, you could walk outside and the ground felt like we didn’t get anything. Bone dry here, crops are a sad state.

      • We have had a crazy summer with lots of rain and cooler than normal temps. Sure hope you get the rain you need soon. Farming seems to be a win or lose career….season by season. Sure appreciate our farmers.

  5. Wow! Congrats to your parents.

  6. mimijk says:

    Happy Anniversary to your beautiful, loving parents!! What a milestone, and what a testament to their love. That said, they have a fantastic awesome daughter and for that we are all grateful!

  7. And… beautiful parents raise beautiful sons and daughters who go into the world and create more beauty — like you do!

  8. Congratulations to your parents. They are so lucky to have had each other for all these years.

  9. Happy Anniversary to your folks!
    Diana xo

  10. sue marquis bishop says:

    A lovely tribute..

  11. 1ejb says:

    Awesome! Congratulations to a beautiful couple.


  12. I’m a bit late (James has been visiting) but congrats!! 🙂

  13. Reblogged this on stuff i tell my sister and commented:

    Today makes 62 years of marriage for my mom and dad. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all you do and have done for so many, myself included! We hit the jackpot when God chose you for our parents. ♥♥♥ Love and hugs….

  14. Marsha says:

    Amazing, isn’t it? What a great post. Tell them happy anniversary from a blogging friend. 😀

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