What She Left Behind…

My friend Michelle, is celebrating her first birthday in heaven on Monday, and I am filled with mixed emotions. (Buttons of Love) I am saddened that with all of modern medicine, she was still taken so young.  When I hug each of her three precious girls….I am hugging them for her, too.  And when I look at that big old moon, I still half expect to get a text from Michelle asking, “Have you seen the moon tonight?”

But what I see more than anything, is what she has left behind. Like that laughter in her daughters’ eyes, and their quick-witted minds,  her stubbornness & intelligence, a non-stop energy, a deep caring for animals & nature, plus that never give up attitude.  Her husband is the very best daddy three little girls could ever wish for…  She has left us with the spirit of hope, and we are forever grateful.

Happy Birthday, Michelle. We miss you dearly, and we are celebrating you.  Thank you for every little thing that you left here with us.

 Screenshot_ Michelle 3-24 Screenshot_2014 michelle 245

Screenshot_2014-09- michelle 1 Screenshot_michelle moon

Good Night, Moon…

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33 Responses to What She Left Behind…

  1. That is really sad. She would be pleased to be remembered so fondly.

  2. joannesisco says:

    It sounds like she continues to live in your heart ❤

  3. Sorry for you loss. Lovely tribute. I lost a friend a few years ago and for me, I think about what she’s missing. Sad.

  4. Rhonda says:

    May your moon always shine as bright as it does in your heart. Hugs my friend and God Bless her family.

  5. Lexa says:

    Everyone should be so lucky to have a wonderful friend like you. Lovely post.

  6. Dear Paula,
    This made me cry. So glad that her girls have you to share her memory with, so glad you have them to remind you all her lovely qualities.

  7. bulldog says:

    Sounds as though she is near you all the time…..

  8. mimijk says:

    And though she is with you, her passing is so hard…I feel the pain and her presence and I’m so sorry for your loss.

  9. utesmile says:

    She is still with you in your heart and never forgotten!

  10. Lovely tribute and love that you have those texts!
    Diana xo

  11. tchistorygal says:

    What a beautiful tribute! That is so sad to lose a friend so young. Life is so beautiful when you have people like that to fill your heart with joy. Sometimes I wonder if, since I’ve been so blessed here if I’m going to have a thorn garden in heaven. Sometimes life just seems so blessed it blows me away. 🙂 I’m glad you’re in my life, Paula, reminding me of the wonders and joys of everyday blessings that I might gloss over without a reminder. 🙂

    • I keep the red button, you sent me from her memorial service, hanging where I can see it every day. It reminds me to be grateful for the friends I still have that enrich my life. I’m glad you are able to share your love and attention to her little girls. I have a feeling Michelle is pleased about that.

    • Such sweet words ♥ I know your stars will be many in heaven as you touch so many with your life! Hugs to you! ♥

      • tchistorygal says:

        That is kind, Paula. If heaven depended on the little things we do, which you and I both know it doesn’t, fortunately, I’d never make it! I touch far to few with what they really need. But I plod on the best I can, thankful for every friend, and I am so happy to count you among them. 🙂

  12. Hugs my friend. ❤ Love you.

  13. September Platts says:

    ❤ Sure do appreciate your shares. TY! ❤

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