Go Perry Go!

go perry go

Hubby and I have been on the road this week.  Yesterday, I received a head’s up from my forever friend, Julie, telling me about Perry Newburn. He would be attempting to run from New York City to Los Angeles in 46 days, while celebrating his 60th birthday and breaking a record.


Imagine our delight and surprise, while traveling route 60 from Missouri to Oklahoma, in seeing an orange dot moving along the road.  “There he is!” Down went hubby’s window as we yelled, GO PERRY GO!  But that just wasn’t enough.  I had to have pics and meet him.  The next few minutes we visited with Perry and his Missouri running friend, as he shared a bit about his journey.

go perry go 1

We found Perry Newburn to be a true inspiration.  His feet traveled 66 miles on this particular day.  His determination…..amazing.

go perry go 2

We had stopped to cheer him on, but he encouraged us when he spoke of the kindness he’d met along the way.  If you have doubts about humanity, do this.  It will renew your hope. Perry told us this just before parting ways.

go perry go 4

Three miles down the road, we found his dedicated driver and organizer, Ms. Angie and more support friends. (aka…Angie’s mom!)

Wanna follow Perry’s Run?  Maybe even meet him along the way and run a bit?  Follow him at Perry’s Run.  America in 46 Days or Moon Joggers.  (If you happen to be in the Tulsa area on September 26?  He will begin around 4 a.m. He welcomes and appreciates the company)


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24 Responses to Go Perry Go!

  1. bulldog says:

    At 60 I was not thinkling of running around my house let alone across the country… keep going Perry you are a tenacious person…

  2. Such an inspiration! What a way to celebrate one’s 60th. 🙂

  3. tchistorygal says:

    Wow! how interesting. He ran 66 miles in a day. I went 20 in a day, doing 60 in three days, and I thought I would die – for at least a month, longer if you consider what it did to my hip joints and my weight (I gained 10 pounds that weekend thinking I could eat as much and whatever I wanted since I was walking so much! I still don’t get that one!) So to read that he did 66 miles in ONE day! AMAZING! Go Perry! 🙂

  4. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    Amazing guy! What a neat experience you had to meet him and I’m sure encouraged him too!

  5. joannesisco says:

    What an incredible goal! Amazing … Go Perry Go!

  6. How cool is that?!
    Diana xo

  7. That is awesome, im so pleased for him. Wishing him safe travels.

  8. Lexa says:

    Go Perry!! He is an inspiration and proof that age ain’t nothin but numbers. Awesome!

  9. Denise Hisey says:

    Woo Hoo!! Now that’s a way to celebrate!

  10. Oh, wow! What an adventure, and what a way to toss steroetypes out the window and help us see past the white hair. GO, Perry, GO!

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