In the past couple of weeks, due to crazy warm weather, I’ve been cleaning out flower beds and trimming down hedges, etc.  Yesterday, in the 80’s here, it was time to tackle the front yard.  We always scalp it the first time of the season to help get rid of the old winter stuff.  But this writing is not about Spring or yard work.  It’s about what happened AFTER the yard work.

Sno-cones.  We came inside and were trying to cool off a bit, when my husband got on his computer and said, “Oh, Cardinal Sno-Cones over in Collinsville is open today.”  Me….”How do you know?” Him….”Tyson posted it, you buy a REACH shirt, you get a coupon for 10 free sno-cones.”  Me ~ “That sno-cone stand belongs to Tyson?  What does he NOT do?”  And twenty minutes later, we were in the truck and headed to Collinsville, Oklahoma, where I had my first Wedding Cake with Cream snowcone of the season!  But this post is not about sno-cones.

Tyson Baker is a young man, almost 21 years old, that my husband and I read about in our little local newspaper a couple of years ago.  He is a man taking a stand against bullying in a GRAND way.  Tyson grew up in a small town, but bullying happens there, too.  His sister came home from school one day and was truly upset because she had witnessed someone being bullied.   And WHY?  Because they were wearing the same shirt to school every day and couldn’t afford new clothes.  Tyson took this to heart and decided at that moment that he was going to not only take a stand against bullying, he was going to rally people and let them help make a difference, too.   And so  REACH Clothing  was born in his heart and mind.  And it has been spreading like dandelion weeds ever since!

YOU can be involved in this so easily!  Just purchase a t-shirt from him.  When you buy a shirt, he then gives a shirt away.  In essence, you are buying two shirts.  One for you and one to help someone.  And once he hit’s that magic number of 250, he does a delivery and hands out shirts to those in need. You can read more about his touching “delivery days” in his blog.  Then there is his facebook page, for easy updates to your page.  If you like what you see, share it on your page.!/reachclothing

Yesterday, after we finished our sno-cones, Tyson showed us his REACH operation.  In the front of an old garage, he has his amazing printscreen machine set up.  Just around the corner from that is his office, where all of the designs begin.  His beautiful girlfriend has the same passion for his mission, and as she sports her “reach clothing” attire, she turns to go help another customer at the sno-cone stand so that Tyson can continue our “tour”.

As I watched Tyson talk yesterday and saw his excitement for Reach Clothing, it reminded me of something our youngest son said when he met Tyson.  “He’s not waiting on his dream to happen, he’s tackling it head on right now.”  We are so proud of Tyson and all that he is doing.  He is making a difference.  One shirt at a time.  I’m glad to have some small part in that.  Check it out ~

p.s.  I LOVE my t-shirt from Reach clothing!  It’s made of organic material and is silkly soft!  just fyi ~

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6 Responses to REACH

  1. renae says:

    You go Tyson!! Got to love the younger generation for not thinking it can’t be done….they just jump in and make it happen! All for the good of mankind, makes me smile 🙂

  2. julie b says:

    What a cool kid…

  3. Thanks, it is so inspiring to hear when someone is making a difference and taking a stand.

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