While I Am Away ~

My odometer will be turning over in a few days, so we are going on a little trip to celebrate!  I am leaving you with a few sunset pics.  I hope to come back refreshed and with some crazy tales, photos and inspiration.

We saw this on our way to the airport the other night ~ a WoW!

I have MANY blogs that I follow.  They are funny, entertaining, crafty, and inspirational.  While I am not going to list all of them, (because there are THAT many) I’d like to post a few for you to check out these next few days.  I will list more in the weeks to come.  So please do check them out, look at some of my previous posts…..and don’t forget me while I’m gone!!! 😉  Oh….and please leave comments…talk to each other….Have a PaRtY!

http://cbwentworth.wordpress.com/category/creativity-2/ ~ CB Wentworth

http://www.madisonblaxton.blogspot.com/2012/04/two-powerful-kings.html ~ Madison Blaxton’s Common Sense

http://simplydonewright.blogspot.com/2012/04/inspiration-through-photos.html ~ ~Simply Done Wright

http://chronicchristiancrafter.blogspot.com/2012/04/prayer-chalkboardfrom-old-estate-mirror.html  ~Chronic Christian Crafter

http://www.happyhourprojects.com/2012/04/wish-bracelets.html ~ Happy Hour Projects

http://livelaughrowe.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-seven-super-travel-shots-7supershots.html   ~Live Laugh Rowe

http://thellielife.blogspot.com/p/change.html  ~The Ellie Life

http://www.4110photography.com/ ~ Photography 41:10

http://dailymustard.org/2012/04/14/no-man-could-save-him/ ~The Daily Mustard

http://jmanandmillerbug.com/2012/04/nutrisystem-week-27-entering-the-home-stretch.html  ~The Adventures of J-Man and Millerbug

http://imprintalish.blogspot.com/2012/04/leap-into-spring-photo-challenge.html  ~Imprintalish

http://93percenttrue.wordpress.com/ ~ Stories About My Life, 92% True

http://www.reddirtchronicles.com/relationships-2/ ~ Red Dirt Chronicles

http://dwelchel.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/casting-stones/  ~ Through the Lens

Be Nice To Each Other ♥  See ya SooN ~ paula

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7 Responses to While I Am Away ~

  1. Christi says:

    Hope you have a wonderful time wherever you’re headed; you will definitely be missed. Safe travels!

  2. Beautiful photos Paula. Is there any connection to “sunsets” and your birthday? ha! That reminds me of my aged Grandma…when anyone told her their age she’d always reply: Heck, that’s not old. I have underwear older than that!” Have a relaxing time away. I’ll miss you.

  3. Have a great time.. can’t wait to see what you have when you get back…

  4. Hi! I’m your newest follower and co-host of this month’s blog hop. Thanks so much for joining in on the fun 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting you know you better!

    Have fun on your trip!

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