Puppy Anxiety

This is “Sugar” ~

As I was vacuuming the house yesterday, I started trying to psycho-analyze Sugar, one of our dogs. A couple of things you might need to know first: 1.  “The girls” as we call Sugar and Baby, are sister dogs from the Joplin Humane Society.  They just turned six and we have had them about five and a half of those years. 2.  I vacuum often. (Vacuum Cleaner Queen post sheds light on that one.)

Sugar absolutely freaks out each time the “monster” comes out of the hall closet (dungeon).  She can be playing or sleeping, (that’s just about sums up her life!)but when the closet door opens, she is totally focused on the vacuum.  She might bark or hide behind something, but she NEVER takes her eye off of the enemy. When I am finished with the chore, she follows the trail back to the closed closet door, and goes on about her normal business.  Her sister, Baby, could care less.  She has a cat attitude of “just don’t bother me”. (Baby pictured below~)

So back to yesterday.  I tried in my mind to figure out Sugar’s problem of this fear.  Suddenly she is not herself.  It’s like a puppy panic attack.  And then it clicked!  We all have those certain things that send us into a panic.  My anxiety of dentist visits is embarrassing at best, but I have no control over how my body reacts.  I know what’s going to happen, I always caution the new dentist, giving them an opportunity to NOT have me as a patient.  My throat will begin to close up and suddenly I am hyperventilating.  The “laughing” gas does not help. (even at max!  lol) If I require more than a cleaning, my new dentist requires pre-medication and a driver! My dental hygientist suggested I “drug up” for the cleanings, too!  But if I am medicated, how can I keep my eye on the enemy them?

Wow, thanks for the revelation Sugar….I guess in trying to help you, I kinda figured out me? We will all have anxiety over something at some point in our life. Sometimes it cannot be explained.  It simply “is”.  We are each going to deal with those moments differently.  And that’s okay!  So I’ll just let you deal with it as you have been, Sugar, until your doctor suggest puppy xanax, therapy, and more exercise. ♥

(Feel free to jump in on this!  Anxiety is real.  It can effect our health and day-to-day living.  Ignoring it does NOT make it go away.  And if you are fortunate enough to have no anxiety issues (yay!), try to be understanding of those in your life that do ~)

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11 Responses to Puppy Anxiety

  1. First of all, I too have two dogs we call “the girls” Mia and Khloe. Mia is like a cat, laid back and relaxed. Khloe is high strung and always on patrol.
    Second, I wrote a whole chapter on the dentist in my book.
    I’m glad I found your blog…

  2. I so understand Paula, I have dealt with anxiety to the point of continual medication. I am better now – for the moment; but at one point in my life, or should I say, most of my life. Panic and anxiety have consumed me to the point of non function.
    My fears were: the dark, sleep, bridges and big things.
    I am no longer fearful of the dark, it was a God thing and sleep is better. Both were a product of PTS and child abuse. How God got me over the dark thing was by instilling me with the love of photography in a day way before digital darkrooms. Yes, I’m old school and I had to develop my own film. In case you have never experienced the total blackoutness of a dark room, just let me say that it is frightening. Perhaps that is why they now have a reality show called total blackout. I had to learn to face and conquer my fears if I wanted to get my images developed perfectly. I tried letting someone else develop an important batch and the results were disastrous – I’m a bit of a control freak. Needless to say, I now walk around my home in almost total darkness with only the occasional flareup of panic.
    Thanks for reminding me of how far I’ve come. This may just turn into a blog of my own. 🙂

    • Thanks for your openness, Darla ~ there are many things I “fear”, but can handle…. anxiety is different. And I think you pegged it….I need to be in control, too….and know every step along the way! Congrats to you for how far you’ve come!! Focus on that! (and go for that blog, sister!) ♥

  3. marvin says:

    Sunshine…. just don’t hide behind something barking at the dentist! Probably will involve more than “pre-medicating” at that point!

  4. marvin says:

    OK…. but I’m bringing a leash…. just in case! 😉

  5. Hi Paula, I love the way you tell your story, and then suddenly we see that it is about so much more than two dogs. Really nice writing! And a good point. I have a sibling who suffers from severe anxiety, but we all have our foibles and chinks in the armor. Oh, if only we could all put on our kid gloves when we go out into the world, step lightly as we go.

    • Thanks Naomi and so true ~ I’ve learned more from my kids, my marriage and my dogs than I ever learned in college! ha… Life is certainly an experience that can turn in a moment. It’s being able to move with it that creates the challenge! ♥

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