Like a Kid in a Candy Store ~

This is where it all began, forty-something years ago, in Duncan, Oklahoma.  While the sign now reads Cedar Grill, it used to be the little corner candy store. “Brooks” to be exact.  I discovered three of my life long passions at five years old, while living in this town.  1. I liked money 2. Garage Sales, and 3.  Candy.  It was at this time also, when my big sister became a negotiator…and for ME.  You always want her on YOUR side, I discovered early. No wonder she is such an awesome realtor today!  You see, my dad said the time had come for us to begin getting allowances.  I didn’t know what that was, but Renae quickly explained.  MONEY.  Then my dad said he would give me quarter a week.  To which Renae replied, “No, Paula, that’s not enough!” (She also explained to me about this same time that I shouldn’t like liverworst….that it was gross.)  She was able to get me .40 a week!  She got more because she was older (!), but I was thrilled with my quarter, dime and nickel.  I could buy so much candy at Brook’s Store with my allowance.  I also made some pretty nifty garage sale purchases! (I learned that blond-haired, blue-eyed little girls could smile and be polite and get more “stuff”)

So when Renae and I discovered a very unique store in downtown Branson, Missouri, a few weeks ago,  there was no doubt that we were sisters.  First we spotted the old screen door entry to the store.  Then we stepped inside and we were taken back to Brooks Store in Duncan.  We were two kids in a candy store.  And we did some damage!No, this is not candy.  But what a great display of old fishing lures in this place!

A peak inside my candy sack ~ I LOVE Brach’s Neapolitan Coconut!

Renae has always love the Brach’s Jelly Nougats ~ 🙂

So now it is time for a smoke break after all that candy shopping!

Oh….I think at this point I had already eaten the end off of mine~ Candy cigs, of course! 😉

Isn’t it interesting how a store full of candy can bring back so many memories?  Like penny candy and summertime and how I would eat all of mine immediately and Renae would save hers.  Sweaty palms and tents made over the clothes-line, digging to China and catching horned toads.  Playing with earth worms and chasing our pet Duck-Duck.  Riding  bikes through puddles after a good rain and looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We always made sure to be in just in time for Gunsmoke.  Ya just can’t make this stuff up ~

HaPPy Wednesday to ALL!  Remember to be kind to people♥

(So go ahead….share the memory this brought to mind for you ~)

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26 Responses to Like a Kid in a Candy Store ~

  1. I remember candy cigarettes… Its a good thing you were eating they ‘outside’ 😀

  2. Nostalgic and adorable as usual!

  3. Dottie says:

    Enjoyed!! Brought back a lot of my childhood memories, which is always a good thing!! Nothing like memories from the past to make your day brighter!! 🙂

  4. My Grandpa had a country store outside Henryetta, OK and we traveled there every summer from CA. He made me in charge of the candy counter…which meant I could arrange all the boxes of candy and I could sample as many as I wanted, just so long as my mom wasn’t watching me. So much fun to see some of the old -time candies you showed in your pictures. I also have memories during WWII years, of standing in a block long line at our local candy store in Whittier, CA to get one Snicker Bar. Sugar was rationed in those years, and most of the candy that was made, was sent to the Servicemen overseas. Snicker Bars are still my favorite candy unless it’s homemade fudge and divinity. Oh my, look at the memories you brought to us today.

  5. So sorry I haven’t been around for a day or so… I just loved your story. I remember there was what was called a Pony Keg by our house when I was in grade school and I couldn’t get there fast enough to spend my riches on penny candy.. What wonderful memories… Thanks for reminding me
    Paula… I love it! =)


  6. renae says:

    fun fun story….and funny pics!! i still have my candy cigs 🙂 i’ll save them till next time!

  7. Charles Pharmacy was my candy store where we’d walk after lunch at Jack in the Box. We went thru the “woods” to get there – it was quite an adventure. We’d fill our bags with candy galore for mere pocket change! Oh how I miss those days – I could eat till my teeth were sugar coated!

    So glad you stopped by so I could find you. Love your blog and the fabulous name! Newest follower.

    • WELCOME to you Kelly! Thanks for strolling down memory lane with us and sharing “Charles” ~ We moved around a few times…and I was able to find a “candy store” in each new place! Have a good one ♥

  8. What a great memory-jogger! When we were kids we used to collect discarded pop bottles in a little red wagon and turn them in at Jim’s candy store for two cents apiece. We could have a party on a dime’s worth of penny candy. I love these photos!

  9. julieblue522 says:

    I like chick-o-sticks. I just wish my teeth and waist line still did.

  10. I just read your story and thought you should know that I am the owner of the candy store and coincidentially my son is named Brooks. Have a very sweet day! Loved the pictures.

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