Random Pics and Such ~

Last night I discovered some friendly little ants in my kitchen.  It was still 105 F outside, but I decided to head to our local hardware store for some ant bait.  I talked hubby into coming along for the ride.  I jumped out to run inside and handed him the camera.  “Have some fun!” I said ~I am taking off for a few days…..but may drop in a pic or two along the way.   Our sunset colors from the photos taken here are because we are surrounded by fires.  Many homes have been lost already.  The fires continue to burn.  Praying for the victims, the firefighters and  for some much-needed rain and heat relief ~Thanks, hubby, for the pics!  I need to throw you the camera more often!  See ya soon and BE NICE to each other!   🙂

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13 Responses to Random Pics and Such ~

  1. Ah, thanks for the explanation of the pics of the sun – we thought they were there to show how long you were in the shop 😉 Fire is so frightening – hope they get it under control. Have a lovely time away

    • The fires are frightening……but they do make some interesting and pretty sun/cloud formations. That’s funny you thinking I was still shopping. And I did end up buying more than just ant bait!!! (and after, a trip for sno-cones!) Thanks guys, for all you do….see ya soon! 🙂

  2. annewoodman says:

    Wow. Ants and fire. What’s next? Good luck with both. And have fun wherever you’re headed!

  3. Dena says:

    Love the sunset shots! I haven’t seen a clear one yet but only because of all the trees surrounding our house (believe me, in this heat I’m not complaining!).

  4. Yes, your hubby did a good job indeed! Sorry to hear about the fires and I pray you people get a brake…SOON!
    Enjoy your days off, they’re well deserved!

  5. renae says:

    hey…..what about the fried egg????

  6. russtowne says:

    I recently heard that corn meal is great for getting rid of ants–and safer for the environment, kids, and pets. As I understand it, the ants see it as food, take it to their nest, share it with their friends and then eat it. Unfortunately for them their bodies can’t digest corn meal. I tried it once and so far it has worked every single time I’ve tried it! ;-D!

    • Thanks so much! I’ve got some of that!!! Will try it . with our pups….hubby had to take bottom panel off of dishwasher and place bait in there to be sure our little “girls” (dogs) were safe from it.

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