I’m still out “playing” this week and am anxious to share photos and funnies we’ve come across through the week. Today though, I am sharing with you a great visit from my friend, Bonnie at Paper Keepers. She has been on a roadtrip also, and this week, our paths crossed. Though we just met via cyberspace a few months ago, it seems we are kindred spirits ~ so join in on the festivies! And I’ll see ya again soon! ♥


Road Trip – Stop 2: Oklahoma or Bust!

Oh, I’ve been ‘driving’ for days it seems. And I thought my butt hurt last week! 🙂 Since I left Arizona last week, my little Triumph has logged another 1,113 miles…and a layer of dust as I darted through the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  I am so glad to make a stop today, because as they say, Oklahoma is the place to be!  And, if you don’t know Paula, from Stuff I Tell My Sister, well, after meeting her, you’re gonna want to tell your sister!

Paula and I connected in the last few months, and yet it feels like I have known her forever.  I am so glad to be here, Paula is the salt of the earth, funny as can be, and she’s so nice, but not just nice, she’s nice with a side of spice. The…

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  1. It was so fun to ‘stop’ and see you! And I love your version of hospitality! 🙂

  2. Hope lovely to meet up!

  3. That was nice Paula, I wish I could meet you in real life too…

  4. Or at least pretend…

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