The Last Walk to Execution

Michael Hooper has been struggling with worry.  He is up for execution this evening. Until a few weeks ago, the state of Oklahoma had one lone dose of the execution drug pentobarbital in their possession. This is one of the three injections necessary for his demise. It is the sedative.  Hooper was concerned that if something were to go awry with this single dose during his execution, there would not be a backup.  Hooper wants to feel no pain. Really? His victims were not given that option 19 years ago.

In 1993, Michael Hooper shot Cynthia Jarman, execution style.  He then proceeded to shoot both of her young children, so that there would be no witnesses.  Tonya was five years old.  Timmy was three.  He buried them all in a shallow grave north of Oklahoma City.

While I understand that the death penalty is highly controversial, I have grown up in this  boot stomping, ass-kicking, do the right thing or else, Bible thumping kind of state.  I know there are cases, before DNA testing was available, where people were wrongfully convicted and put to death.  I know that executions do not bring the victims back.  Nor do they take away the pain of those left.  I have watched the candle light vigils in the prison shadows.  I cannot help but wonder if this execution will really bring closure?

I have given much thought to this, the last day that Michael Hooper will be on earth.  Saying goodbye to loved ones.  His final chance to repent.  A meal choice.  That last long walk to his death…..hoping against hope for a phone call and one more “stay”.

Michael Hooper.  Will you now find peace from the demons within you?

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36 Responses to The Last Walk to Execution

  1. Well said; I for one have never understand the “civilized” way our country deals with mass murderers. Maybe it is so we don’t fall into the same heartless mindset as the criminal. But sometimes, which is often the case in our country, we go too far. I personally felt that if we treated criminals the way they treated their victims, we would have lower cases of horrific crimes. Let him be shot execution style as he shot Cynthia Jarman. Was he unstable, perhaps, but I know a lot of unstable people who do not resort to violent crimes. Let the rapist be castrated. Let the pedophiles also be left to the demise of their cellmates.
    I know that this doesn’t bode well with my faith and belief that everyone deserves forgiveness; but being forgive doesn’t mean there are no consequences. Maybe, I am stilted, because I was a victim as well. And before you ask, yes, I did forgive the person.
    I suppose if we all got what we really deserved, this would be an empty planet.

  2. Jeannette Wynne says:

    I believe in the Biblical statement of an “eye for an eye.” Yes, forgiveness is also needed,but there are consequences to our actions.

    • I think forgiveness may be more for our heart than the offender. So that we can try to move forward. A thought, anyways….we seem to live in a world where consequences are given little consideration….I was raised with consequences. So I just don’t get it!!!

  3. mimijk says:

    I am conflicted about the death penalty, and yet when I hear of stories like this, I see no other option. I don’t know where the threshold is, which is why I’d be horrible as a juror in a death penalty case. But I have no sympathy for a killer who wants to feel no pain.

    • I know….there’s a kind of “hush” over the state when it’s execution night. Very conflicted and YET….knowing what he did….my sympathies are for the victim’s family and the offender’s family. And those giving the injections tonite.

  4. paulaacton says:

    We dont have the death penalty over here in the UK half the prisons are run like holiday camps, while i don’t believe in an automatic death sentence i do believe that it should be an option for those who commit crimes so horrific they can never walk the streets again, politicians are happy to impose BSL to kill dogs for the way they look regardless of whether they commit a crime or not yet happy to allow monsters back on the streets something is screwed up somewhere

  5. Paula, wow. You took such a complicated, loaded topic and put it out there and left it for us to decide…so well done. It’s haunting and terrifying, how someone can feel no remorse for something so hateful. Your last question is poignant and human…you are amazing. xo

    • This is indeed contraversial and certainly not addressed lightly. At 6:14 p.m. Michael Hooper was pronounced dead. Can’t explain the feeling in my bones tonight. It’s just kinda eerie ~

      • Oh gosh, I can only imagine. There is just no peace with this kind of thing. No matter what you believe, the tragedy remains where the lives should be shining brightly and this – You are brave to bring this to the forefront.

      • Well….I knew it would on my mind all day long….so had to put it out there for others. I don’t mind stirring it up every once in a while. Isn’t it interesting that not all states have the death penalty? This was the 4th execution in OK this year. wow….

  6. Dena says:

    I wrote an entire rant filled with anger and hatred and my blood pressure is still climbing, but I deleted it because it was slightly schizophrenic. I know what I’m trying to say but it just isn’t coming out right!

    Basically, I do not live by the Bible, so I have no contradicting feelings when I say that certain people should not continue living with the luxuries of our society. I think prison is too much like a summer camp and the rights of criminals surpass the right of everyday law-abiding citizens. I have only one problem with the death penalty: that the convicted criminal is given years and years to beg for mercy and is sometimes granted that stay. The victims (those who were killed, their families, and the families of the accused/convicted) must all deal with the consequences of the murderer’s actions. Nobody said life was fair, and only because the criminal’s family must now suffer due to his inability to follow a basic human law is NOT grounds for skipping out on the death penalty. It’s called consequences – we all deal with them, directly or otherwise. Life is not made by your own choices. Unfortunately, others have a say, too.

    • It is years, for sure, Dena….a very long process. I understand your wanting to rant on this. You have many good points. I had to re-write my post a few times to tone it down. I want my reader to come to their own conclusions, not just mine. One of my sons works in a prison. Sadly, it really is “home” for many there. They wouldn’t know how to live outside those prison walls. In my mind, a “life” sentence would be death.

  7. All opinions well taken. It somehow really gripes me that we, the humble taxpayers, are saddled with the upkeep of these murderers. “Life in prison” for a person who has taken innocent lives, translates into thousands of $’s for those of us who do follow the laws of life and country. I think they should at least be sentenced to daily hard labor….or better yet, sent to some desserted island with other criminals of the same ilk, and fish for their food.

  8. Excellent thought provoking and controversial post!

  9. Dottie Whitsitt says:

    Not much left to be said!! I pretty much agree with all of the above!! There are some crimes that are so horrific, that no mercy should be shown to the convicted and I think this is one of those cases….we all have choices in life and all have to suffer the consequences of those choices!! Thanks for your prospective…well said as usual!! 🙂

  10. On our days off last week, we were out by the prison where this execution would take place. I have always been fascinated with this subject and really wanted to study criminology when I was young….I thought I wanted to work in prisons. My dad said, “that’s no place for you”. Now my son works in a prison….and guess what I think about that? Thanks for your thoughts, Dottie!

  11. I agree totally with your statement. You won’t here me say this often. You kill a baby you suffer B—-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I should take that back, I learned years ago… It’s not ours to judge!! May the Lord Please bless his soul!! We know the little ones are fine !! ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. I’m sure you’ve heard of the mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people here in Norway last summer, most of them teenagers. Well, Norway does not believe in punishment, they believe in rehabilitation! No one goes to jail longer than 20 years and its like a staying at a five star hotel (I kid you not) They have even built this devil his own jail and have hired a team of people to tend to him personally. Norway has spent millions on this killer… I can’t even talk about it.
    Sometimes its hard to live in Norway with all my American thoughts and values…

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    Here is a link to the article describing last night’s final moments for Micha Hooper…

    I hope each of YOU have a better day 🙂 paula

  15. I since I can remember having a thought about it …I have been for the death penalty… over the years when the subject came up there would always be someone who was against it … who would look at me in disgust and say sarcastically, ” Yes, but could you pull the switch?” …. My response has always been “In a heartbeat”….. I don’t take this subject lightly… but I’ve been on the end of horrible- where someone else derives their pleasure from your torment, pain and agony, I’m lucky to be alive… and the only time they feel remorse is when they’re caught …. when you’re dealing with a sociopath…. they may “seem” like they know right from wrong ….but they truly have no concept of it… and it’s scientifically proven they cannot be healed of this mental disorder… they will ALWAYS be a danger to anyone around them. When an animal goes mad and attacks or bites…. we put it down… I see no difference. What I get so very angry about (since I’m a survivor I take these things very personally I guess,) is the “system” that gives these animals so many breaks… they know how to “play the system”…. they get years and years for appeals.. prisons might as well be Club Med… I know of a man who has been in and out of the California penal system since he was 14… hard core prison…. at least 8 times… he’s in his late 40’s now and back out on parole… I give it less than 12 months and he’ll be back in prison… it’s a way of life for him now. He’s not getting rehabilitated… there’s NO SUCH THING!!!! I’ll stop for now…. like a few other posters I can get really upset with this topic…. and unlike the other posters I’m not smart enough to rewrite this in a more calm frame of mind….. sorry!

    • Do NOT apologize! I hope that speaking your mind here freed your heart, at least a little bit ♥ Your statements are true. And for whatever you have been thru in your life….I am thankful that you are tougher than it was and that you are a survivor! paula ~

  16. julie b says:


  17. I am absolutely against death penalty. As far as I see it it makes “us” as barbaric as the person who is convicted. It is wrong to take another persons life, no matter the cruelty. But I live in a country without this kind of penalty. And about Anders Breivik, I don’t think anybody thinks he can be rehabilitated (even if that is the goal for most criminals). We don’t know if he will be sentenced to prison or if he can’t be sentenced because of mental health situation. Nobody wants this man on the streets again. But to kill him would be wrong.

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