A View through the Castle Window ~

Hubby has been off for a week of much-needed time away.  That last Sunday before going back on Monday is always dreaded.  Kind of like an all day reminder that “the party’s over”.  Note to self, don’t forget to buy the lotto tickets this week!

As I mentioned in my Happy Anniversary  post, our younger set of kids have been in Ireland for the past couple of weeks.  We didn’t hear from them the first few days and yes, it was concerning to this mother’s heart.  I just needed to know their flight landed safely AND hear it/read it from them.  The assuming thing has never worked well for me.  Nor has the no news is good news.  Give me concrete.

And finally, a few days into their trip AND into ours, an “UNAVAILABLE” showed up on my caller ID….and it was them.  It was very refreshing to hear their voices and learn of their experiences thus far.  We have now talked several times and even did the Facebook video once. (similar to Skype)

No matter how hard I try to be a normal adult friend to my kids, the “mom” just comes out.  I can’t help it.  I found myself asking about their car, the roads, the traffic.  Did they see sunshine?  How was the food, were they taking their probiotics?  Were the people kind? Did they feel safe in their bed and breakfasts?  And then after twenty questions, they broke their silence on a secret.  The ultimate “don’t” they “did”.  Worse than running with scissors.  They picked up a stranger, at a bank no less, when exchanging for euros.  They crammed her into the back of their tiny rented car with their mega luggage.  They drove her to the Cliffs of Moher, as they were going there anyways.  She was a graduate student from the states, backpacking alone through much of Europe.  She would eventually return home to teach.  She wanted to know more of the tornadoes of Oklahoma and Missouri.  They spent much of that day with her.  She could have been an axe murderer.  But I talked to them after the fact, so if she was, she spared them.  Thank. Goodness.

I still struggle some days, wrapping my head around “social media”.  It is because of Skype minutes and Facebook that we were able to stay in communication with our traveling children.  And because of Facebook, twitter and WordPress, that I have met each of you or reconnected with you!  Scaling the path of resistance can lead to broader horizons.  I have never been to Ireland.  But I have now seen a view of it through a castle window via Facebook video.  I have not picked up a hitch hiker in many moons.  But I have found you through my daily travels.  And hopefully none of you are axe murderers, either.  I miss you when I am gone.

I have much catch up to do now.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  HaPPy Monday to each of you! 🙂  Join me in trying really hard to be nicer to people!  Even on days when it’s a struggle. ♥

p.s.  One other thing I found humor in while talking to the kids.  On their ride to the cliffs with their axe murderer, what song would come on the radio of their mini-car but, “Okie from Muskogee”.  Who woulda thunk it in Ireland? What a lovely place! 🙂

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40 Responses to A View through the Castle Window ~

  1. Christi says:

    Glad you enjoyed your time off AND that your kids are truly blessed! I know our daughter gets really tired of the “call me when you get there” routine, but as long as I am alive and she is not sitting beside me, I NEED that phone call! Now, have fun getting caught up!

  2. Jeannette Wynne says:

    Love your post! It’s unfortunate that the world we live in causes us to fret over things like this, but alas, this is the world we live in:) Sounds like the kids are being smart and so glad you are able to experience Ireland through their eyes. Just keep the prayers going until they return home:)

  3. Well Paula, if this makes you feel any better….our oldest daughter just turned 59 and I still insist on a phone call when she and her husband are traveling. It never ends…Mom’s have to know their kids are safe.

  4. Dottie Whitsitt says:

    My sentiments to a tee!! Always need to hear the kids, grandkids, are safe and where they are supposed to be!! Just goes along with being a parent 🙂 I still check in with my Momma too!! She is 97 but still needs to know I am safe!! So glad your kids are on such a fabulous trip. My sister-in-law has made that trip twice and says it is beautiful!! Get rested for your next trek!! Still love to read your “ramblings”!! Love ya 🙂

  5. Once a mom, always a mom (no matter how big they are)
    Glad to hear everyone is safe and having a good time…

  6. beebeesworld says:

    You will always be “mom” even if they are grown, its OK-my grown kids tell me they love that I can be a friend AND a mom, still-beebeesworld

  7. renae says:

    and…..i seem to remember a time you gave a stranger a ride from the airport as a young one…….yes kids, give me a call and i will provide more details 🙂

  8. Rhonda says:

    Awww Paula, you are SUCH a MOM! Sounds like the kids are doing great over there. Axe Murderer…lol. I know, we ALL go there. And as for the song? Who doesn’t like a bit of Merle now and again. Rest well Mother…the kids are blooming fine!

  9. Joanna says:

    I am sure that because it was YOU dear lady that raised the kids that they have a very good sense of who is an axe murderer and who isn’t. 🙂 And if they mis-judge then they probably have the people/speaking skills to talk the axe murderer out of their intended plan. And not only that, but if they are anything like yourself they would be talking the murderer into joining a monastery/convent and turning their life around. LOL.

    Yes, we never do “grow out” of needing to know they are safe. If I hear of a traffic tie-up on the highway at the time I know my daughter will be traveling I insist she let me know she is ok. She doesn’t get mad. I think they actually like knowing we care. 🙂

  10. Your kids are sooo lucky!! My mom was the same way, and secretly [even if I didn’t let on…] I loved knowing that she always wanted/needed to know where I was and if I was ok. Nothing beats that! I’m with you though…good to hear about the hitchhiker AFTER the fact…! xoxo

  11. I found myself watching the olympics and thinking that I couldn’t imagine anyone there being dangerous and I suspect I’d feel the same in Ireland. It’s silly I know and I wouldn’t be pleased either if my child picked up a stranger.

    • I agree….it seems quaint and lovely. I just need to learn to trust that my now grown children have the same “gut” instincts about danger that I do. And fortunately, they did this time! 🙂

  12. paulaacton says:

    Ah the joys of youth I think we all have done things that we look back at some point and say why the hell did we risk that and statistically its nearer to home you have to watch out for but such is the chain of life that it is our job to worry and theirs to give us grey hair

  13. Hello! I dropped in to thank you for following my blog and delighted to find your above charming post. I enjoyed reading about your home life and kids. It’s amazing how we might think a time or vacation from them might be just what the doctor ordered, only to find out it is the hardest thing in the world to do
    Thanks again for visting my barefoot baroness blog ~ BB

  14. Thanks for adding me..I totally agree..being kind to people is important..you never know when they or you might need a lending hand!

  15. I am just not cool enough for my “mom” not to come out with my kids — loved this post–glad you visited my blog so I could find yours! I like you already.

  16. You AND your kids are very blessed. 🙂 I’m glad you picked up the phone when your kids called. I may not have answered it if I saw an unavailable number show up in my caller ID.

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