Here is a link to the article describing last night’s final moments for Michael Hooper.

Michael Hooper pronounced dead.

I hope each of YOU have a better day ūüôā paula

stuff i tell my sister

Michael Hooper has been struggling with worry.  He is up for execution this evening. Until a few weeks ago, the state of Oklahoma had one lone dose of the execution drug pentobarbital in their possession. This is one of the three injections necessary for his demise. It is the sedative.  Hooper was concerned that if something were to go awry with this single dose during his execution, there would not be a backup.  Hooper wants to feel no pain. Really? His victims were not given that option 19 years ago.

In 1993, Michael Hooper shot Cynthia Jarman, execution style.  He then proceeded to shoot both of her young children, so that there would be no witnesses.  Tonya was five years old.  Timmy was three.  He buried them all in a shallow grave north of Oklahoma City.

While I understand that the death penalty is highly controversial, I have grown up in this  boot stomping, ass-kicking, do the right thing or…

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  1. Eerie, so eerie, you were right. No other way to wrap my head around it.

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