Pizza and My Hot Sister

Back in December, David Harding, his brother and his cousin, Chris, created accidently on purpose a fun little pizza challenge. PizzaBoxDrawcember was the chosen name.  Check out the post.  It’s a hoot.  In a nutshell, the challenge was: During the month of December, if you order out pizza, ask them to draw a gorilla playing dice in the lid of the pizza box.  SEE if they’ll play along.  I told you it was fun!

We first learned of the challenge from Maddie’s post, Sunday Night Pizza Bender.  Maddie had some good luck with her pizza artists.  But I think her family grew tired of pizza.

Well it just so happened that I talked to my sister, Renae, right after reading this post.  Yep, you guessed it, she was getting ready to call in a pizza.  I told her about the post, and unbeknownst to her hubby, who would be picking it up, she made her request known to the person taking the order.  Her folks rolled with it and this was their artwork:Image

I think the gorilla must be hiding behind the tree?  Regardless, good job, Mississippi!

Towards the end of the month when hubby and I finally ordered out pizza from Andolini’s at our local joint, hubby made the request, the order taker was willing on the phone….but it did not happen.  When hubby picked it up the guy just looked at him and said, “we don’t have time for that.”  ;(  Five dollar tip went back into the pocket.  Oklahoma disappointed.

Okay….but now the DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!  Parumpapumpum….after a very close vote and a LOT of banter……The above drawing was declared the winner.  Yesterday I was on the phone with Renae yes, we talk often! when a package arrived via airmail to her.  She was so excited! frightened  I remained on the phone in great anticipation while she opened her prize….TAH DAH!!!!

Renae's Pizza Box Prize Drawings by  David Harding & Cousin Chris!

Renae’s Pizza Box Prize Drawings by David Harding & Cousin Chris!

This depicts Renae looking “hot” on a treadmill. Outstanding job David Harding and cousin Chris! And thanks ~  We look forward to the next “Pizza Draw Whatever Month”!!

Happy Friday ♥

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11 Responses to Pizza and My Hot Sister

  1. LOL! LOL! LOL! I can’t tell you how much that makes me laugh. David and his cousin, Chris, are such a hoot! Renae definitely looks “hot” on the treadmill. They were so sweet to frame the drawings. 🙂

  2. Hahahahhaaaa! It looks even better not in person! Oh man…!
    So much fun and I’m glad it got there in one piece!

    Hi Renae!

    Oklahoma fail!

  3. 😉 Wonderful job David and Chris! Thanks for the giggles, the challenge and all the trouble/expense you went to for this!! You are the “fun” group, for certain 😉

  4. renae says:

    Thank You Thank You David and Chris!!!……I have the pic on my phone and you can’t believe all the laughter it has produced!!! What wonderful prize, I smile even thinking of it 😀 (Chris might have been a bit more generous with the enhancement LOL) I feel pretty special getting an airmail package….(and I really was a bit frightened to see the results-thinking of poor Maddies pic) Great fun, I appreciate your creativeness and effort to get to me…..I can’t wait to win again next year !!!!

  5. Reblogged this on David Harding 'R' me and commented:
    For those of you wanting to see the Pizzaboxdrawcember grand prize that was sent to Renae! Woo!

  6. beebeesworld says:

    I enjoy your work-thanks for your loyalty as I struggle to find my creative genes again! beebeesworld

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