Blue Skies

Friday night skies

Friday night skies

Hope you have crazy blue skies where you live ~ and a really good day ~ ♥

(Thanks to my neighbor Liz who said, “Get this sky”.)

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20 Responses to Blue Skies

  1. We’ve had so much gray sky that this morning when the sun was shining I thought, “What’s that bright light?” I see it’s fading already. Could be another gray day ahead. But at least we got a glimpse of sunshine to keep us hoping.

  2. bulldog says:

    Love the photo… had a clear sky today.. lots of sunshine and then the Moon came up in all it’s glory… but nothing special, didn’t look any closer or any different… so deleted the photos…

    • I have to admit our “super” moon didn’t seem so super here either. I went out several times with the camera….and didn’t take one shot. It was a lovely full moon….but…..Cool how you guys are there and we are here and it’s the same big ole moon! 🙂

  3. thanks, we need blue skies here!

  4. Thanks Liz – a beauty!

  5. That’s a great photo!

  6. Lovely blue skies over here in Australia yesterday – in the middle of winter! 🙂

  7. Blue skies smilin at me, nothin but blue skies do I see….great, I have that song hung in my head now. Great picture!

  8. Bonnie says:

    Gray skies here today, as I see/read this one, so I am enjoying your capture of a beautiful blue summer sky!

  9. pepesapam says:

    ahhh…love the blue skies…it’s refreshing and relaxing to see the clear blue skies, whenever u feel tired…

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