How Do You Thank a Veteran?

veterans 059 We were privileged to join our local Owasso VFW in placing American flags on the grave sites of  veterans this past week.

  veterans 036

I was asked yesterday, “How do you say thank you to a Veteran?”

From your heart.  Just thank them from your heart.

A kind word or gesture.

Hand over heart at the passing of the flag.

A meal.


An ear to listen.

A flag on their grave to honor their sacrifice. veterans 047 veterans 046 veterans 049veterans 048veterans 051

Lest We Forget…

Proudly honoring our veterans today.  and always.  Thank you ♥

If you are a veteran, we thank you for your service. We are also grateful for the many special veterans in each of our lives.  Please feel free to add your name(s) and your thoughts in the comment area. ♥

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28 Responses to How Do You Thank a Veteran?

  1. My dad, Garland Sims, United States Air Force.

  2. You might enjoy this poem about families and absence, “While He’s Away: A Poem About Being Gone.”

  3. omtatjuan says:

    Very nice… Please check out my posting in honor of WWI… Path of Glory

  4. Rhonda says:

    My dad, Roy E George, United States Marine Corps
    My son, Alexander J Hernandez, United States Army
    My brothers, David S George, Allan W George, United States Air Force, Retired
    My brother Michael S George, United States Air Force
    My grandfather, William C Davis, United States Merchant Marines and Armed Force
    My brother in law, Carlos Hernandez, United States Air Force, Retired
    My brother in law, Edward Cordova, United States Air Force
    My father in law, Julio Cordova, United States Navy

    Thank you Paula…and thank you Garland Sims for your service.

  5. Hubby says:

    Lt. Col. Eldon C. Blaxton, USAF, Thank you for your service. (I wish you were here)
    Thomas L. Blaxton , WW2,Thank you for your service Dad.( I wish you were here too)

  6. Bonnie says:

    Love this…and if I may add…Col. Donald McDonald, US Army, WW2 – thank you Dad.

  7. LB says:

    your post honors those who serve … and have given all for doing so

  8. slesser1013 says:

    I nominated your blog for the sisterhood of the world award. please accept 🙂

  9. positivethinking13 says:

    Yes! Always a BIG THANK YOU to all our Vets!! And a hug and a kiss too! xo

  10. Reblogged this on stuff i tell my sister and commented:

    So grateful to our Veterans. Proud and thankful for my father, father-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew, and so many other friends and family that have served or are serving. Blessings ♥

  11. billgncs says:

    If I’m at a restaurant and soldiers are eating at another table, I sometimes ask the waitress to bring me their tab and not say anything. Soldiers give up alot for us.

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