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A Quiet Place


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A Happy Birthday Song for Hubby!

Today is my hubby’s birthday! There is A LOT I could say on the subject of “him”. But I will keep it short. So to dear hubby: I wish you a Very Happy Birthday! I look forward to the day we can spend more time … Continue reading

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About Being Thankful

Thanksgiving Eve.  I have typed and deleted my words about five times now.  My heart is thankful, but there are many things that need to change.  Things that I cannot control. So I will dwell on the good.  Blessings beyond … Continue reading

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Visiting Small Town America ~ Diamond Point School, Oklahoma

While out for a drive last Sunday, hubby eyed a sign, turned around, and the search began….down one long country road to another.  What did we discover?  A treasure from 1919, the year hubby’s dad was born.  Diamond Point School, a … Continue reading

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Old Pickup Trucks

Proof that putting it off does not fix the problem.  Nor does it disappear.  It simply allows the problem to grow. Happy Friday! Be kind, one to another! ♥

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Look Who I Found in the Ozarks!

When you enter the Ozarks, there’s a reason they tell you to BUCKLE UP. The roads wind and curve in every direction. Perfect for pretending you are a race car driver. Not so perfect if you get motion sickness or are afraid … Continue reading

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I Had a Friend

I lost a dear friend last week, unexpectedly.  I was in third grade when she and her young family moved to our little town to pastor our congregation of small numbers. They were college students. I grew up with her. She … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Thoughts

“This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships … Continue reading

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You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

I enjoy shopping at second-hand stores and antique shops.  The carrot I dangled to entice hubby to go with me this week was the Bass Pro Shop.  🙂 At our first stop I looked through the awesome book section.  I wandered on, and did a double when … Continue reading

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Heat Relief Found Here ~

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HappY Thursday!  Don’t forget to treat others with kindness, you never know what they might be going through.  AND, remember my dad’s words if you happen to be in the triple digits, “Think…

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