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Since hubby was off last weekend, we decided to take a drive to a small town about 45 minutes away. We’d heard there was an auction on Saturdays and wanted to check it out. When we arrived, it was obvious … Continue reading

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The Kayak Visit

Seems it’s always exciting around our house when the kids come for a visit. The younger set came a few days before Christmas, kayak in tow. I didn’t think twice about my suggestion they just park in the garage so … Continue reading

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Elephant Stew Recipe

Today was the annual Christmas Bazaar at St. Henry’s Catholic Church.  My purchases were simple.  Chocolate cupcakes for Jermel, an employee of my hubby’s, and a cookbook for my Aunt Betty.  Betty~ if you read this, be surprised!  The book … Continue reading

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So How Do You Feel About Zombies?

Saturday evening, I was fortunate enough to be given tickets to a live play in our downtown area.  I thoroughly enjoy plays, musicals and symphonies.  Hubby?  Not so much.  So when I told him of our weekend plans, he tried very hard … Continue reading

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About that Halloween Candy…

There were many errands to run this morning.  While I was in the grocery store, I passed a spooky display of goodies. Perhaps while I’m here, I should go ahead and purchase “trick or treat” candy, I thought.  My cardinal rule is to … Continue reading

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Random Sunday Pic

I clicked on pictures on my laptop.  I closed my eyes.  The mouse went round and round.  And this is the photo that was “blindly” chosen for Sunday.  Make of it what you will?! Write your own caption.   LOL!  And have a … Continue reading

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To Make You Smile….from Red Dirt Kelly ♥

Originally posted on Red Dirt Kelly:
Somewhere over the Arkansas-Louisiana border at 40,000 feet I was startled out of my daydreaming state by an announcement coming over the cabin microphone: “Kelly from Edmond? Would you please turn on your call…

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Perfect Fit

We have been back in Oklahoma for a while now, but still are not totally established with new “physicians”.  I did the research and made the call yesterday to get hubby in to a local podiatrist.  When you are a retail … Continue reading

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A collection of posteriors for your Monday.  And here’s hoping these are the only ones you have to deal with today.  🙂

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